Book Worm Central

My wife and I love to read. We love to stay up on the latest information with our girls. We know it’s adequate to be armed with information, but if you don’t implement the strategies, what good is obtaining the knowledge. We want to provide the best, more harmonious household we can- especially when both of our daughters return.

We are looking into a combination of natural supplements to provide better stability for the health of our children, as well as looking into the diet we’ve been eating. These changes are going to be slow and gradual. There’s no sense in changing their world upside down and inside out in one fell swoop. Much like the social skills we are going to work on, we need to tackle this matter as a family.

My wife and I do not believe it’s fair to introduce a particular way of eating for one or both daughters and have us as parents eating a different diet. Luckily, both of my girls usually enjoy a lot of natural, raw foods as a part of their meals or as snacks, so I think this will not be met with a great deal of resistance.

In the meantime I’ve been buying a few used and new books here and there throughout the weekend. I had the chance to go to a couple of Barnes and Noble stores as well as a used bookstore where we picked up some good finds. One of the books I’m going to enjoy will be Viral Explosions by Peggy McColl. I’ve read many of her other books and this one applies directly to some of my future goals when it comes to developing information products and books, launching them successfully on the internet and beyond.

I think our learning continues to be a combination of seeking out advice and expertise through reputable websites and message forums, in addition to the years of experience that books can provide. We do not think we know everything there is to know about our children and our own lives. We grow through insights of others, and applying certain traits or habits that could be beneficial to our girls or ourselves.

We know that it’s not an easy life we lead as a family, but the important thing we remember is we have plenty of love and support to go around. Never giving up is our motto- you just do not think that a family member is going to be the way they are for the rest of their lives.

There’s always a way to find the right source of help. It can be a friend, it can be a clergyman, it can be a support group, it can be seeking out information through your social media friends, it can be message forums, it can be family, it can be outside therapists- do not believe there is no way out of a challenge you may have. When in doubt, seek out books through libraries if you can’t afford to buy many at the outset.

Learning to benefit your family doesn’t end when you finish school- we have to maintain a lifetime learning model because you never know to what heights the entire unit can soar to with that additional knowledge and implementation.


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