Get The Communication Out

Many who’ve known me through the years would not consider me an extrovert. Get me in the right environment- a live concert, a book store, a bowling center- and you may think otherwise. Overall though I would consider my personality more introspective and cautious- I feel like I really have to get to know someone before I blurt out everything regarding myself.

When it comes to writing, that’s where my best communication comes out. I’ve always been comfortable expressing myself through the written or typed word. Probably has a lot to do with my love of reading. I’ve also had some great teachers, professors and mentors along the way encourage me- and many of you who read this have taken on this role today.

It’s always been important for me to have an outlet. I remember hearing from teachers in middle school that keeping a journal would be a good way to get your thoughts out safely if you didn’t feel comfortable talking one on one with adults or your peers. So I would write daily entries, just priming the writing muscle. I can’t honestly say many profound insights came out of this back then- but I do believe much like riding a bike or getting better at a sport, you have to learn how to crawl and walk before you can run when it comes to writing.

For those of you that don’t feel you can write well, have you ever thought about keeping a digital voice recorder around and capture your day’s adventures, worries, insights, and dreams? I sincerely believe in the power of dumping out your mind before you go to rest- and refueling it with some uplifting, positive material so that you can go to your dream state happy or at least calm.

We as humans have tens of thousands of thoughts and messages coming across your eye and ear radar every day. It’s important to not let things stew and carry more weight than they are worth. We also know there are times of the day where we want to blast someone based on a mood we may be in, but would regret it later because it wasn’t exactly the way we wanted to say things.

I find when I’m hurt and I want to let people know by e-mail, I tend to really think about what I want to say- and will do two or three drafts before I send something off. E-mails have a tough time conveying little dynamics of tone or sense of humor, so I am very careful with what I may say.

I will have various forms of communication during my day. How you handle yourself at your job would be totally different than in your private time. I do think you have to be aware of the messages you send and maintain a certain level of decorum or manners in everything you communicate. I’ve learned as I get older though to not hold things in- it’s better to let things out as soon as possible in a safe manner, for my well being as well as those around me.

Be kind to yourself and others. Forgive yourself for any past indiscretions and forgive others who may have wronged you. I’m sure you’ll feel much better about this in the long run.


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