Ambition and Drive

I would consider myself ambitious. When I find something that really captivates me, I go all in. Ambition and drive go hand in hand- I find that ambition gets to be the fuel to start the engine and then drive keeps the car moving along.

People outside my world wonder how I do a lot of the things I do. They wonder how I haven’t gone crazy with all of the experiences I’ve had. Having to drop what I’m doing at a moment’s notice and help my family in their moment of crisis, it’s become second nature to me. I want my family to be healthy and happy- and it’s better to take the time out of my schedule then to act like it’s not important and suffer the long term consequences.

Drive teaches me I’m capable. Drive carries me through when I think life is impossible. Ambition gets me up in the morning and keeps my head in the right place. Ambition carries me to bed thinking that I’m a good person and that I’m glad to be helpful to others.

I probably got my drive most from my parents. Their stick to it nature- the ability to rise above any circumstance or wall placed before them. Just when I wanted to throw in the towel about certain aspects of my life, they would be there to have a great ear or a kind word or a resource I could use to keep me going.

Right now my wife provides that support. She will stop me in the middle of a conversation to pay me a compliment. She knows when I need solitude and when I need to be around people for my health. I’m proud of how she’s made me a better person as a result. Many other fathers would not be able to handle the same amount of chaos and turmoil that I juggle daily. I do what I must for the benefit of my family- and they soar as a result.

Look at people around you and be a life lifter. If you see people that are depressed, seek out support and offer an ear. With ambition and drive, you can reach for the stars. Learn from the experts and replicate their success stories. Understand that they too have overcome struggle and challenges to make the best of themselves.

Have a wonderful day! Smile widely and as often as you can. I’m psyched that the Celtics won game five of their NBA playoff series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Everyone figured they would be out of the series this quickly- and now they are one game away from going to the conference finals. Proof that ambition and drive will you get further than you ever thought- especially if you can form a team and work together for the ultimate dream.


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