Remember Innocence?

Some days I spend reflecting on my youth and the misspent days. How much I wanted to fit in- and realizing that we all really struggle with our changing lives, our developing minds and bodies. You realize when you hit adulthood that when it all comes down to it- you put worry on things that never really mattered. We look back at older pictures and laugh at ourselves.

I feel like life can be moving way to fast for today’s younger generation. What are they really in a hurry to accomplish? What’s wrong with slowing down sometimes and observing the trees in the forest, a sunset in the sky, the interaction between animals playing outside, or taking a nice walk in the park without an Ipod or cell phone in the world?

I remember the thrill of waiting for a school dance or a new album to come out in the record stores. The anticipation of going out to the movies with my friends or the days before Christmas when it seemed like the day would never arrive. To children these days, if they have to wait 5 minutes to get something they desire that can be a challenge- and they’ll be buzzing around your ears 30 times until you finally give in just to have some peace and quiet.

Where is the innocence when it comes to life these days? What’s wrong with finding your own identity before going up the ladder for rites of passages? I for one am happy that my oldest daughter isn’t in a big hurry to get her drivers license- as she knows that she’s not ready for that major responsibility. My wife and I will make sure that she gains the proper training and won’t push her to get this until she’s mature enough to handle driving safely.

Would there be anything wrong with simplifying life a little bit- and force people to use their imaginations to entertain themselves? I didn’t have every electronic device capturing my mind- I would have to play games or invent things by myself sometimes. This more than anything spurred my writing endeavors, as I felt like if I wanted to be creative what better way than throwing thoughts together with words.

You almost wish you could provide a video tape of your life and pass it along to the new generation, so that they don’t take for granted all the conveniences of life they have at their disposal. Communication at the speed of light, with technology racing at the same rate of speed. Never really having to leave the comfort of your room if you have the money and means to accomplish this.

But never forget about innocence. When you start to feel cynical about the world we live in- be blessed for what we have. There are people much worse off than you, so be thankful for what you do have in this world. I have a gratitude journal that I write in every day- and it’s important to thank others for what they provide and do around you.

It’s time for me to take the way back machine and fast forward to 2010. Have an awesome day everyone, catch people doing something good and acknowledge them in public at least 3 times a day.


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