Find The Need and Start Filling It

We’ve been saying for years that my wife and I need to do something to give back in the sense of our love for special needs and mental illness with our children. We’ve been fortunate to meet wonderful families and service providers through the years- but the one constant complaint we’ve heard about relates to getting some sort of respite care providers when you need relief.

Even if it’s to go run errands for a few hours, attend a special meeting, go out to dinner with your partner, or just get away for the night- there isn’t enough support to go around to sometimes get the right providers who can watch your children and keep them safe.

So as a result my wife and I are working on changing that around. Over the weekend we’ve been planning, writing, researching and putting things into motion. We want to be able to network and put families together to receive these types of services. We want to help not just on a parent to parent level, but also child to child. We want to inform, enlighten and show that we can make a difference.

We grew tired of hearing there’s no money available or no service providers available- so we are working hard to provide a model that will be reasonable for all parties involved. We’ve purchased a domain name and hosting services and will start the process of getting our website up and running. We will seek out help as necessary in areas that we aren’t as knowledgeable. I believe in the Jack Canfield model of doing 5 things every day to move forward to your ultimate breakthrough goal- even if you don’t necessarily know all the time where you want to go.

Too many times in life we stress out over the details. My wife and I had a light bulb go off in our brains as we were watching a Brian Tracy DVD regarding wealth building and business principles. He mentioned that too many people aren’t focusing on the key question “How?” . They talk themselves out of matters quicker than just looking at challenges placed in front of them and seeking out the right tools to answer the “How” in this challenge or roadblock placed before them.

We are here to fill a definite need. Parents need to regain focus and enjoy time alone to become better parents. Children with special needs and mental illness need the chance to gain socialization skills and be around others where they aren’t going to feel different or picked on because they don’t meet society’s definition of normal. Providers of outside services can recommend what we are doing because we know what other families are going through and have our heads and hearts in the right place.

There will be other aspects to this business as it’s still in the planning stages- but I’m excited by the prospect of making an impact even if in a small way. I’d rather put 100% into it and see how far things can travel then to complain about what’s not going on and not do anything about it. Look at your own world, your own community, find the need that gives you a charge and start filling it. Overall this would make the earth a happier, healthier place.


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