Random Thoughts Based on My Body Clock

I’m out of sorts so to speak with my body clock when it comes to a steady form of regular sleep. When you have to handle chaos or crisis at a moment’s notice, I believe your body and brain have a tough time settling down. So this entry will probably be a series of random thoughts regarding a number of different subjects.

First off I want to extend my condolences to the family or Ronnie James Dio, who passed away after battling stomach cancer over the weekend. He was one of the premier metal vocalists through the years, and as evidenced by the outpouring of support from the community, one of the true gentlemen in the business. We have decades of albums to continue to enjoy from his time in Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his own Dio band. I had the good fortune of seeing him perform in a winter tour supporting the Magica album with Doro Pesch and Yngwie Malmsteen opening. Even in his 60’s, he had not lost one ounce of strength in his voice or energy in his performance.

My wife and I are working hard on putting plans into place for our special needs/ mental health business. She’s been the energizer bunny when it comes to learning as much as she can and working diligently and gathering information and going forward. We’ve registered a domain name and have hosting, so now we have to decide what types of information we want to put up right away and what initial services we want to provide. What I’ve been encouraging my wife to do is to remember that it’s better to throw yourself in and see what you can and can’t do and then enlist the support of others. I’m aware of the fact that a lot of her skill sets as a leader are not my skill sets- but she also knows that I’m very good at writing, interviewing, and talking with people- so she’ll make sure to use those strengths to the advantage of the business.

I’m through a full month without soda. I don’t crave it and I feel it will be easy to continue with this new habit of watching my sugar consumption. My wife and I also put in our first weekly pay yourself first deposit into our emergency fund. I believe the percentage method will work out easier for both of us, and when we gain special windfalls in the form of unexpected extra cash, we can also deposit a larger amount to build up that emergency fund quicker.

There are other changes I need to make over the summer, and I can’t be afraid to just take the steps in the right direction to do them. My wife and I had a very successful visit with our youngest daughter at her star bed placement this weekend. She spent time on the phone with me recognizing her feelings and fears with me, and I think she’s ready to take an honest look at what we can do to bring ourselves back to a loving, trusting relationship. The key has always been you need two parties to make it work, and now I feel she’s ready to be in the game and do this.

Have a wonderful day, I have a library trip in my horizon and a great work week ahead. Be kind to yourself and others.


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