The Little Things Mean So Much

Sometimes in this fast paced world we forget to look at the little things that mean so much to our lives. The hugs. The smiles. The compliments. The neighbor willing to stop and talk to you for a few minutes when you seem troubled. The service providers who are really into their work yet take the time to make you feel important.

I have to stop and remember this myself from time to time. Especially when I’m thrown into firefighter mode, having to put out the little flames before they extend into full blown infernos as far as behaviors and tantrums around the house. It’s why I enjoy even brief conversations in person, on the phone or through email/ chat if necessary. People acknowledge my concerns and I also provide a helping ear or hand where I can when it comes to their lives.

So don’t take for granted when someone takes the time to send you a hand written thank you for something you’ve done. Take compliments and be respectful to do the same to others in your circle of family and friends. Even if it’s a small step in the advancement of their personal health, their finances, or the breaking of bad habits to form new, better ones- you never know when that one quick pick me up could make the difference for someone who needed it at that time.

I don’t take for granted all of the books and audio/ video programs I have around me. I’m aware of the fact that you need a minimum of six exposures to material before it becomes yours in the sense of hitting the subconscious mind level. That’s why I return to much of what I have- not just as a mental pick me up but also to see if there are certain ideas that I haven’t implemented that may be right to introduce in my life and the lives of others.

Right now I’m reading Shawn Phillips Strength For Life- a recommendation from one of my friends who I had the pleasure of meeting through Success magazine. He just received his bachelor’s degree in college and plans on working in the nutrition/fitness field for a living, while also going to graduate school. He’s learned how to fuel his body and mind and I figure he would be a great resource to help me achieve some of my fitness and flexibility goals. As a result I’m reading, taking notes, asking questions and learning to set up my own work out schedule- even if it’s walking more every day and light training with dumbbells that I have around my house.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that little things don’t add up. Think about compound interest. Think about all of the hugs you received as a baby through your adult years. Think about the seeds that are planted in the ground that become food for the world to eat. Think about the rain that falls from the sky. Think about the first best friend you developed as a child and how much fun you had through that relationship. Write down at least 20 items and break them down to the core. If you ever feel like you are struggling, just do one little thing to move in another direction and I’m sure you’ll know where to head from there.


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