Hectic Week

Meetings, meetings and more meetings. We feel like we are running around in ten different directions in a given week. Sometimes you feel like a hamster on its little wheel, getting the exercise but not necessarily watching things move quick enough to your liking.

We have to remember to take care of ourselves. Our girls are getting the care they need, and they have the right to voice frustrations as well. I know that much of what is going on is the natural push and pull of childhood development. Couple this with the trauma and adoption issues of their past, and we have quite an emotional component to take care of.

We struggle to come together in certain aspects as a family. Our youngest daughter this past afternoon mentioned to us that she needs to have her eyes checked for possible vision corrective measures. She wanted to know when we were going to set up the appointment, as it needed to be done right away. The paperwork says it has to be done. The school where she’s going to says it has to be done. This is what we heard for a solid 30 minutes from her- as if we didn’t know how to set these appointments up for her.

Her parents who also have glasses… we would be incompetent as parents to not know how to do that.

This is where her mindset is. She believes she’s forgotten, so she becomes very vocal to make sure her needs are met. We may not be around her as much as we normally are, but it’s not as if we’ve forgotten the basics on how to care for children. What seems toughest for her to handle is the fact that she doesn’t get the one to one attention she’s used to in a family structure. We’ve had to wipe away the tears- which means I think she’s ready for a breakthrough.

We are hearing there are six month waiting lists for certain tests, possibly even longer. It doesn’t matter that we’ve been on some of these same waiting lists for six months, we feel like everything is in motion but going in some sort of circle stall pattern. You have to make sure this person authorizes this, then go through the next chain of command and more paperwork needs to be filed and so on and so on.

So always be sure to hug your children at night, in the morning, and tell them multiple times how much you love them. They carry this support for life. They may not get it all the time in all areas of their environment. Sometimes just saying it with words is not enough- they need to feel it, they need to see it. It’s fine to slow down your day and give your child that special one to one time- even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes. They need to know how important you are to their world, so they can acclimate better to their bigger outside world.


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