Current Reading and Thoughts

Well, I decided it’s important to revisit some of the books I’ve purchased so far in 2010. Just as much as I like visiting the library and keeping up with books that are hard to find, I love going to my local Barnes and Noble bookstore and picking up some of the latest offerings. I’m currently jumping around between these three books.

The Unemployed Millionaire- Matt Morris
Instant Wealth- Wake Up Rich- Christopher Howard
Trust Agents- Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

The latter book discusses how to build up trust and credibility through your communication and interaction on the web. There are some excellent tools in place that both authors mention, as well as brief case studies on how other successful people have built their trust on the web.

The first two books work on personal development and achievement strategies. I enjoy reading about how individuals have to fall and fail sometimes in order to pick themselves back up and make better choices for a more successful life in the long run. I’m aware that it isn’t easy to have a great career, a great family and a great personal life. I do think it’s important though if I want to learn and grow in all areas of my life, I think I need to make a continuous learning path of the best minds in our lifetime now as well as of past generations.

Which means in the coming months I’m going to take some risks in order to establish a wider presence in my world. I’ve thought about my years and years of acquiring knowledge and how to be able to pass thoughts and insights on a variety of topics in a different way. I’ve watched the ascension of the video blog medium and think it may be time for me to venture into that realm.

It would probably be related to one of my favorite interests: music. I feel like I have a lot of opinions about music, about where it’s going and what we need to do about it to keep the spirit and productivity alive and flourishing. I feel that I could have special guests who would also give their opinions about certain aspect that they have more expertise about, and I may be able to combine my love of reviewing and talking about music at the same time.

There’s no better time than the present to establish credibility and trust. I want to help people discover their passions, their hopes, their dreams. We can’t be afraid as human beings to take the first step. So what if the first few times on camera may seem awkward- you study what you’ve done and you learn from those experiences. We’ve heard from Shakespeare that all the world’s a stage, and I don’t want to go through life anymore thinking everything is a rehearsal. You have to prepare I agree- but better preparation means playing to set up a win-win situation for yourself and for your audience.

Now it’s time for me to leave for now. Keep smiling, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call that long lost friend you haven’t spoken to in a few months. Maybe it will be the right time in their lives to hear from you and let them know how important they are to you.


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