One Hour A Day

If you were able to take one hour a day away from your normal everyday routine and put it into developing a new skill, you would probably achieve expertise in that field within 4-7 years. Imagine what you could do to your life, your family, your finances, your personal well-being with that skill.

Imagine if you rose one hour earlier to spend 60 minutes a day learning a new computer skill or learning a new language. What if we took that one hour and we were able to implement a new exercise and strength training routine? How about cultivating a new hobby or interest you’ve always wanted to throw yourself into, but didn’t know how you were going to carve out the time to do so?

We all have 24 hours in a day. If we spend a third of our day sleeping, we need to make the other 16 hours special. Think about the amount of time you spend unwinding in front of the television. Do you think you can take away one 60 minute program in prime time to impact your overall future?

I’ve found that during the afternoon and evening time with my family, we often leave the television off and just engage in board games, conversations, and so forth. Both my daughters love playing bingo, so we spent some time over the weekend engaging in that game. It brings out a sense of healthy competition, and we develop special prizes as a reward to each winner of the game. I’ll spend time reading aloud to them, challenging them with how or what or why questions to engage their brains and really make them think.

Brian Tracy talks about in one of his DVD’s that if you want to learn a European language enough to become fluent in it, you need to invest 1,000 hours of study. Learning happens in small steps, so you need to chunk out 1-2 hour blocks per session for language learning. For Brian Tracy to become fluent in German it took him 10 years. As a result of this, he received 5-10 times more in income than he had before he learned this language- he received better book deals in the country and also won an award for the best German speaker- even though he was not a native speaker!

I agree that living in America we need to become at the very least bi-lingual language skills. So I’ve been carving out the time to ‘go back to school’ within my own studies and re-acclimate my Spanish speaking and writing skills. I feel it betters my chances of impacting more people with my talents and abilities. I can also pass on these skills to my family.

I think back to areas of my life where I developed more than a good level of ability, and it all had to do with carving out more time to do those activities. So get on with it. We have only one life to live. Don’t say you are too old to accomplish something. We know people in their 60’s and 70’s who’ve taken themselves from dirt poor to riches, acquiring new language skills, earning college degrees, and climbing the tallest mountain peaks of the world. If they can do it, you can do it. Study what they study, use the same learning methods and chart out the blocks of time necessary and take that first step.

Trust me, you’ll be very happy in the end for taking the steady progress to achieve greatness. Have a wonderful day and keep up the excellent work.


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