Deal With Your Truth

When we don’t want to face reality, as humans we tend to run away from our problems. Either physically in terms of location or emotionally and mentally in terms of denial. We distance ourselves and then assign blame often times on outside circumstances or situations that we’ve caused to happen by our previous decision-making.

Right now I’m having to face some reality check situations in my own life that happen as a result of impulsive decisions I’ve made through the years. I could whine and complain about what happened- but where will that get me? All I can do is face the truth head on and learn from the experience so that I don’t put myself in a similar situation again.

Should I look at what I lack or should I focus more on what I desire? I find that a scarcity mentality tends not to be a healthy one. Negative emotions build out of feeling like you have to cut back or suppress what you want out of life. Now is the time to look at my skill sets and think about how I can use them to benefit others and possibly bring additional income into the household.

Too many people I know in the world seem to be very good at manipulating others into thinking their public persona is so different than their real persona. If you tell too many tall tales to other people, eventually reality will catch up to you. We did not come into this world as perfect human beings- and I think you would be surprised how forgiving many people will be if you own up to your troubles and get the right help that you need to go on the right path.

I’ve learned that dwelling on what’s over and done with as far as decision making is a no win situation. It’s better to face where you are at head on and make the right choices from here on out. Too many people want to tackle their problems and challenges on their own- and not take advantage of the strong network of family and friends and co-workers and teachers and therapists and health care providers around you who can make life a little bit easier for you.

If there’s been a significant issue you’ve been delaying to deal with because you think it will take care of itself, pull it back out and brainstorm about it. Go completely silly if you have to and come up with 20 different solutions to the problem. I learned this aspect from Brian Tracy, and you’ll be surprised that often the final solution or two is the one that will work out the best.

You aren’t going to get any better living in denial. If you have anger issues, get help. If you feel like you aren’t in the right career, get help and develop the skills necessary to move into the career you desire. Don’t succumb to victim mentality- you can always help yourself out of any situation as long as you put the mindset, the drive and the action into place.

And as much as you think people are constantly judging your every move in every moment- they really aren’t. They are more worried about you doing the same thing to them than they are about you. You have only one life to live- why not make it the most productive and uplifting you can, instead of consistently saying to yourself “I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that, there’s no time to accomplish this…”.


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