Alter Your Course Slowly

When people are unhappy with their life, you sense that everyone just wants to make a huge shift in every area of their lives. Much like the changes from childhood to adulthood, you had to make slow, steady and incremental changes to be able to mature and grow without feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts.

I think back to the steps one takes when walking, when talking, when learning how to write first in letters than in words, then pulling things together for sentences, paragraphs and stories. People often make me laugh when they talk about how effortless I can make certain aspects of my life- without taking into account the years and years of practice, toil, reshaping and refining what I was doing.

Where am I coming from? I want people to understand that you can make changes in your life, you can venture out and become a new person- but you have to alter your course slowly and within your own pace. If you are willing to set new goals and stick to them, isn’t it better to focus on 2-3 areas rather than attempting to change 10 things all at once and getting frustrated because nothing seems to be moving in the right direction?

My wife has helped me through the years become more assertive when it comes to the types of service I should get when dealing with the public. Before if someone stated that something wasn’t possible, I would probably accept their word at face value and leave it at that. Now if I feel that I deserve something better, I will go to other people who can help me, or often ascend the chain of command to explain why I believe I deserve better service.

Any world takes time and evolution to take shape. It’s better to think that you will lose 5-10 pounds in a month than believe that you can be as successful as contestants on The Biggest Loser who proclaim double digit weight losses weekly. Can you recreate those same conditions with those same trainers and spend 24/7 on your diet and exercise plan? Probably not- thus you need to adjust accordingly. If it takes 12 years to finish your normal school education, do you think you’ll become a master of a new subject in 12 weeks?

Develop patience and persistence- these dual aspects will make significant changes for your life. You have to understand there will be roadblocks and setbacks to handle- but you can push through them. If you know where you want to be in terms of the finish line, chart the course back through the study of others and be willing to repeat what they’ve done to achieve the same success.

It’s time for me to settle into bed. I have another weekend where I’ll journal, I’ll read, I’ll write some music reviews and I will keep in touch with my friends and family. I appreciate all of the prayers, the love, the support and the interaction I receive. It makes all the chaos and stressful times easier to handle. Spend your time engaging in some of your favorite activities- you deserve to treat yourself well.


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