We become what we think about. Like attracts like- whether negative or positive. Habits form as a result of getting used to a particular system and then continually repeating those same series of actions over and over again until it become automatic.

As much as I want to, I find writing irresistible. It becomes my comfort, my shelter, my second home away from home. I feel I can put my thoughts down whenever I desire- morning, noon or midnight. I’ve learned through the years that writing in the fiction world appears harder for me than the real world. Although when it comes to what goes on in my real life, many would think I’m taking creative license to explain the environment and situations… sadly, it’s not make believe.

Today for instance I wrote about 2,000 words- spread out over my music reviews, a journal entry as well as this blog. When excited about music, I can easily type out a 300 word review, sometimes close to 400 words if I feel it strikes my head and heart. As far as my journal, I capture the ins and outs of my life, favorite quotes from books I’m reading- or ideas I want to hatch once they’ve had time to solidify.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully a great day, but I know that there are many things I can’t control and I have to pay attention to what I can control. What goes in my mind. How I react to my immediate environment. How I treat others around me. My attitude. My love. My compassion. Being grateful to be given the gift of life. Taking every opportunity that I’ve been given and see if I can give back more than I receive- because that’s just my nature.

I forgive those who have not come through on their promises, either past, present or in the future. I forgive myself for the times that I’ve let people down, given them less than my best, or acted quickly instead of listening to all the facts at hand. I know I still have plenty of room to grow as a person and that the best is yet to come in my life. I have countries I want to visit, people I want to meet, and languages that I need to learn and explore.

So never believe that you can’t accomplish anything you set your heart and mind to do. You may have to team up with someone far away, you may have to scale down other areas of your life, you may have to gain new skills, you may have to change a lot or very little about yourself- the point I’m making is the law of attraction can work on your behalf if you are willing to listen, take action and then course correct along the way.

You have to believe things will work themselves out. As much as I want to scream when it appears nothing is going right, I need to rely on what I can control to allow everything I can’t control to come into focus. Forces collide in space and time- I can either respect what comes or resist. We’ll see what takes place…


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