Welcome To A Hazy June

Well, it’s been quite hot and humid in my neck of the woods these past few days. We spent the first part of yesterday visiting our daughters and reassuring them that they are still a part of our family. Which has to be tough on their part- they only get to see us for an hour or two at a time on the weekend, instead of being full time at home. We are hoping this gives them the right motivation and incentive to follow through and get their mental health in order to return successfully and happier/ healthier than before.

I received the new issue of Success magazine and I’m listening to the new interviews on the audio CD. I feel like there’s a wealth of information to be learned and shared through these discs. I’m currently listening to Chet Holmes and his business sales tips. I’ve probably listened to many of the older discs a good 20-30 times. I will often take notes on what I’m hearing and then take action on the best information. What do you have to lose when you are learning from other experts?

Brian Tracy talked about on one of my wealth building DVD’s the concept that you should attempt a new concept at least 10 times before you decide it doesn’t work for you. He stated that for most people, it will become comfortable for you around the 5th to 7th time- but often we give up on something if it doesn’t work the first or second time. Does this explain why in certain areas of your life things aren’t exactly measuring up to what you want- be it your health, your finances, your relationships, etc.?

I know that for example I didn’t become a better bowler until I realized that I needed to add more skills to my tool box. When it comes to bowling in different centers, you have to learn how to use the right equipment, play the lanes a certain way, read the changes as they happen, and also believe in your ability to do what you need to do to score well. It’s something I’ve learned as I’ve continued to study and learn at the sport that you can’t play better when you are tense and angry- you need to focus and use your mind as the best offense in bowling.

What else is going on in my random world? I’ve been averaging 2-3 reviews a night writing-wise. The market once again gets hectic as bands and labels try to fight for consumer money before the big festival and concert-going season. I can understand the difficulty in average fans following what’s going on. But please be sure to put your money into the bands you really enjoy- otherwise we will end up seeing inferior products on the market. I understand there is much to be had for free- but free doesn’t pay the musicians, free doesn’t keep the music alive and as a result we end up having to pay higher concert ticket prices to make up the difference.

Even though I get a lot of music in to review, I spend a lot of money at my local record store on the albums I want and the bands that I need to complete my discographies. You don’t have to buy everything- but please don’t tell me you are a real, true fan if you only have 200GB of music in your iPod or laptop and maybe 10 albums in your physical record collection.


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