When Overwhelmed- Slow Down

We have so much coming at us in all directions. It’s tough to remember that we do ourselves no good if we feel like we have too much on our collective mental and physical plates. Meetings, appointments, work obligations, personal obligations, children, family, friends, sleep- where do you fit your own personal needs and sanity into the equation?

I don’t have a problem with slowing down if you have to. Prioritize what needs to be done versus what everyone else thinks you should accomplish- and then go at this list one by one. If that means certain items have to carry over to another day or another week, then so be it. Learn at the end of the day to feed your mind with something uplifting and relaxing so that you can go to bed with a calm, peaceful feeling instead of a racing mind that is fighting against the clock.

Ultimately, the other people who are demanding your time will understand. I don’t think they would want less than the best you can give them- so really make the choice to say yes and no carefully when it comes to your time and obligations. As your children get older, you want to give them more of a say in decision making and also understand that you can’t be everywhere and do everything they want to do. Your mental and physical well being matter most, because you aren’t going to be productive to anyone- least of all yourself- if you are feeling tired, angry, depressed, sad, in a black hole or like the whole weight of the world is collapsing on your shoulders.

There are certain elements of life we can control- and others that are not in our hands. When it comes to your children, you can teach them right from wrong, but can you really be with them 24/7- especially as they move into preteen and teenage years? All you can hope to do is give them the skills and tools they need to become self-sufficient- and understand that we seek out others for help and guidance instead of letting our impulses get the best of us in fight or flight mode.

You can’t control how other people look at you, you can control how you react to it. If people are continually feeding you negative behavior, choose to spend less if any time around them. It’s fine to hang around people who lift you up rather than bring you down. Take a day away and just relax in your most comfortable environment. There’s no law that says you don’t deserve a “me” day.

Writing slows me down- it forces me to collect my thoughts and put them out there for the world to see. Or within my journal for myself to ponder later on down the line. I can’t function effectively if I’m torn in ten different directions. You have to segment parts of your day so that you can work on your most difficult tasks without distraction.

Encourage. Be brave. Stand up for what you believe in and what you want. Take care of yourself and you’ll be a better person to take care of others in your world.


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