A Surprise Overnight

Just figured I would write a quick post. Imagine my surprise when I found out yesterday that my youngest daughter would be getting an overnight visit to our home. It means that she’s that much closer to returning home. I believe she’s ready to work on her attitude and her behavior at home. She’s realizing that the love and one on one time with a family matters more to her than distance with staff and other clients.

We hope to have a great visit today as we will all be together as a family for a few hours. I’ll probably spend a lot of time listening and letting them speak. I want them to know I’m proud of the fact that they are working hard on their challenges. No one said things will be solved in one day, one week or even one month. They need hugs, they need love, they need praise, they need reassurance. I want them to know that even when they struggle, my wife and I will be there to help them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Create experiences and you create memories. Use the power of your imagination and engage in something you haven’t done in quite a while. Match your words and your actions as much as you can- become a role model for yourself and others. Zig Ziglar mentions that you can never be too fair or too kind to people- build the self-esteem of others and you will end up as a result building your own.


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