What Do We Want Versus Need?

In today’s market, the consumer has more power than ever. What type of cell phone provider you want to go with along with a variety of coverage needs. Cable- satellite- or stick with the internet and videos/ DVD’s for your entertainment needs? Do we buy new or do we buy gentle used? It’s really an exciting time to sit back and think about what we truly want in life versus what we need.

As a result, my wife and I are working on a step by step plan to really look at our priorities and see where we want to put our finances. The first measure I did today is call my cable company and cut back to the basic local channels. They don’t make it easy for you to do- which I think is a stall tactic on their part so that you won’t really cut back- but I followed through on the phone transfers and repeating of my basic information to get what I want accomplished.

The final customer service representative asked me if I was disappointed at all in the service I was receiving and was that the reason for the cutback. I assured him not at all- I told him I needed to rearrange my budget needs and right now, cable wasn’t as much of a priority as other areas of our lives. He didn’t push the issue, gave me what I wanted and I thanked him for his time.

Right now my wife and I are looking into other areas where we can both tighten up our spending as well as earning more income to apply to our bills. This might include a couple of table set ups at local flea markets, it may entail putting items up on various internet auction sites, we may look for times where we can do an odd job or two for friends and family to earn some extra money- I even participate in a number of computer surveys to earn some extra cash.

I want to spend this summer really thinking about what I want versus what I need out of life- and how many of those things require me to put out a large sum of money to do. For instance, I love to read. Do I need to buy books all the time to feed this passion- or is it just as simple for me to go to the local library? Writing is something that I can do at the drop of a notebook or here on a computer keyboard. That frees up money for something that may be a little more expensive for me that I still enjoy- such as bowling.

Really look into the summer community activities in your local area. Most are very inexpensive, and many are often free. There are local concerts, there can be karaoke, it can be a craft fair, you could go swimming at a local state park- you are only limited by the size of your imagination and where you want to stretch it to.

Your children appreciate the time spent with you- it doesn’t really matter in the long run the amount of money you spent on the experience. The best times I remember with my family relate to cookouts, vacations where my father took me fishing, or just hanging out with friends over their houses from time to time. Reevaluate wants versus needs- and enjoy yourself as the summer comes into the horizon.


One Response to What Do We Want Versus Need?

  1. Dennis says:

    Setting priorities and truly becoming responsible in everything we do. sometime we have to sacrifice the things we want. its all for the better


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