Enjoy the Small Moments

As your children grow up, lock into those small moments. You’ll be wondering years down the road why you didn’t log off your computer, shut off the television and just play a board game with your child. Or go for a walk in the park and monkey around on the swings. They grow up so fast.

We took some pictures the other day of my girls and everyone is noticing how quickly they are maturing into young ladies. I have to remember that I can’t keep them at a certain age as much as I would like to. I need to give them wings to fly. Denis Waitley reminds us that children need “roots and wings, not loot and things” to be successful in the outside world. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create memories- you only need to carve out one to one undivided attention and time.

So I need to get back to my card game. There will be more time over the weekend to pursue my own interests- but during this summer and before my daughter wants to spend all of her time with her friends and less time with her dad, I need to enjoy the times that she does want my full attention. We laugh, we love, we bond and we grow.

All of these moments outweigh the negative, and when I feel like they don’t I need to reevaluate what I consider most important in being a good father. My wife reminded me many times over the past couple of days that of course our youngest will be testing to see where we are commitment-wise in this relationship. She feels like she’s had to be more on her own than she desires. My parents sent me away to get help. I don’t know if I can trust them anymore.

It’s important for me to plug into what she wants to do right now. The only way we regain trust is through mutual love and understanding, not negativity, distance and criticism. Treasure the hugs, treasure the “I love you’s”, treasure the times when your child wants your opinion on something that is important to them. Let them know you are there when they need you. Your job is far more important than you realize, and whatever you teach them goes with them as they move forward in the pursuit of independence and adulthood.

I have blabbered on enough. It’s time to see if I can win at this new card game my daughter taught me. Actually- the winning part is irrelevant. I’m just happy that she choose me to teach a new card game to. This shows me that no matter what has gone on in the past, she still welcomes me with open arms and wants to establish great memories- and that’s all I can truly ask for in any of my children.


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