Yard Sale Time of Season

Finally a weekend without the threat of gray skies and rain. During this time of year where we live, yard sales thrive and pop up almost every weekend. People getting their clutter out of their homes and hoping that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. I told my wife that I would be heading to one early this morning at a friend’s house- because he would be lowering much of his music collection. Who am I to pass up that offer- especially at bargain bin prices- for items that I may not have in my collection?

As a result I found 11 CD’s to my liking for less than $1.50 a disc. A mixture of power and progressive metal, plus the occasional death and doom piece for good measure. I can never have enough good music at my disposal. Just as books transport my mind to another level, music can cast out a wave of differing emotions and energize me in ways that other outlets can’t. It can help me think when I want it to. It can change a negative mood into a positive one if I want it to. I can just daydream away and transfer my head to a different place if I want to. I can write and get my thoughts out easier. I’ve always felt that my world is a much better place and easier to handle thanks to the gift of music.

I’d really love it if our apartment complex could get a multifamily yard sale going, but if not I think our family will probably set up at one of the numerous local flea markets that are held on the weekends. For a small fee you can easily sell off hundreds of dollars worth of items. We’ve had good luck through the years to do very well when we set up, because we are in the business of passing our items to others at reasonable bargains. Sometimes we haggle about the prices, but overall we find that our negotiations are easy going and as a result I think people are willing to talk to us and buy from us.

We will also be attending a town wide gathering where we get the chance to take in vendors, food, arts and crafts and other games. Growing up these days would help us as children get to know more families in the community, and you didn’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time. I want my children to get the chance to not be afraid of their surroundings and willingly be a participant in community activities.

Enjoy the bright sun shine days of your life. Seek out the comfort of a good neighbor. Surprise people every once in a while with kindness and generosity. Hold a door open for a stranger walking into a building you are exiting. Pay a toll for the car behind you when you are on pay toll road. You may be surprised how the gesture improves your world as much as the world of the person you touch. Spend time wisely- we only have a finite time on this earth. Create good vibrations and memories.


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