Another Test

I’m aware that challenges are put forth in life to test your ingenuity, your tenacity, your ability to push yourself further than you could imagine. At this point in 2010, the testing in our family should be over. It seems like every week at least one or two events are thrown in our path of life, only to see what choices we are going to make.

It’s one thing if an event that traumatizes you hits you in a flashback moment. It’s another if the event comes back squarely in your face- only mere months after you thought the incident was put firmly behind you. I’m hoping that as a result we look at the progress we’ve been making to become more loving, more trusting, more open to attachment- and don’t let the past creep again to create doubt, confusion and fear.

So we scramble again to find an alternative in the middle of summer. I’m glad that our family hasn’t lost our sense of humor even if it appears we’ve lost our sanity. Personally I’m not used to a choppy ship on the waters for such a long period of time without usually heading for my own island. I’m used to everything being steady, calmer, and knowing the direction I want to head in plus how to effectively get there.

Must be a sign of the heat wave times. We are hitting triple digit temperatures today, so I’m staying very low key and within the confines of where I live to keep cool. I have my laptop, I have my music, I have my books and magazines, I have my journal I can write in, I have my imagination and creativity within my brain and flowing through to my fingertips. I will survive- my family will thrive- and I know I can make the rest of today very exciting and worthwhile.

Know that in your mind you can turn any frown upside down and make it a better day. Nothing is ever truly as bad as it seems. Do not be afraid to forge a different path if the one you are currently taking is in breakdown mode or in a detour lane. It’s better to continually come up with new solutions and implement them then to merely think it’s a good idea and never put it into practice. We were given brain power for a reason- and many only use 1/10th of its capacity.

Grow- learn- care- then share with the world. Keep up the excellent work making this world a better place to live in.


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