Just the Four of Us

We can make it if we try- just the four of us… yes, I modified the song title. But for the first time, we are back together as a family. We had our first meeting with the in house therapy team, and naturally everyone wants to make sure they get their needs met. What will be changing? What will stay the same?

The hopes are we can productively work together to be a family. It’s not the easiest of circumstances. It’s going to take a little while for people to get used to what the expectations are in a family versus living away with staff being in charge. The girls want to earn privileges and money to buy many of their own things- and we need to have a system in place. I like the idea of having a visible status of their behaviors within the house- instead of reminding them verbally how they are doing, they can look up at a poster board and there would be less of a problem.

Do I have worries? Of course. There will probably be a honeymoon period- and I welcome it. My hope is that when they do feel the pressures of the world falling on them, and they feel like blowing up or running away that they make better decisions. It’s not wrong to ask for help. It’s perfectly okay to take space. We can move from our emotional minds into our wise minds once we are in control.

I’m listening to my daughter argue at an inanimate object- the cell phone. I’ve missed those wacky conversations. I’ve missed her passionate spirit within the house. I’m glad that she’s home. I’m hopeful that the past month and a half has resonated deeply within her mental psyche about how much people care for her, but that she has to participate fully in the process of life.

More to say in the coming future. Have a great day. Thank you readers, friends, and family for all of your help and support. We could not do this all alone. Through patience, through guidance, through the tools and resources we have in our lives, we are piecing the parts of our lives back together. It’s not done overnight- it’s not done in a day or a week or even a month. We have time on our side- and we will work through this as a team.


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