Another Random Entry

Another random entry. Going on a few hours of sleep, this one could be interesting. My daughter was a trooper today at her eye exam. She’s been having blurred vision issues close up and also struggling to read information on the white boards at school. The school recommended an eye exam and wants to know the results. A series of doctors checked and crosschecked different issues- and it turns out she won’t need a prescription.

They handled her fears very well and explained everything they were going to do before and as they were doing the procedures. I wish more medical professions would have the same level of understanding that this eye doctor facility has (D’Ambrosio Eye Care for those who wish to know). We would highly recommend anyone go to this facility, as they are willing to go the extra mile to seek out the best in care and service.

I have a series of books to read and I must say I love my Nook. I haven’t purchased many books so far (4 to be exact) but I find that when I don’t want to carry a big bag of books around, the Nook serves me just fine at work, in waiting areas and everywhere else I desire to read. The font size is easily manipulated if you don’t want to strain your eyes, and the selection of books is getting bigger and better. The prices are very reasonable for the information, and I think this will make a serious dent in the reading culture over the next 3-5 years. There will always be diehards who want to read physical product- but I believe how we consume information will be closer and closer to instant accessibility at our fingertips. Check it out when you get the chance, or even consider a Kindle if you’d like.

Teenagers and summer do not go well together. If you can’t find a way to keep their minds going and their bodies occupied, rest assured they will find a way to annoy you. Incessantly. I truly believe the sales genes are born and bred through teenagers. They will find your weakness and exploit it for all it’s worth. If you give in once, be ready for them to use that tactic again and again and again. I love how my oldest knows that she should be doing a lot of things, but wants other people to do the work for her. She better enjoy the last few years of her youth, because it doesn’t get easier as you reach adulthood. You do have to work hard to achieve your dreams, and nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter.

Sleep beckons. The weekend is approaching, and I believe the hazy, humid summer is finally going to give way to a more reasonable climate. Appreciate all that the world has to offer. Give someone a pat on the back or an encouraging smile. Recommend a good book or a good quote for them to ponder, consider and use in their box of tools. We only have one life to live, and we might as well maximize the time the best way we can. Don’t be afraid to take risks- you never know what rewards are out there. It’s better to take the chance and fall then to never take the chance and stew about what could have been. Have a wonderful day!


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