First Practice In Two Months

I went bowling for the first time in two months. I struggled the first game but the muscle memory came back. Sometimes it’s good to take time away, recharge your batteries, and as a result we have a renewed sense of appreciation. I find it relaxing to throw a 15 lb ball down a 60 foot lane. It’s not my intent to be the hardest throwing or the biggest hooking bowler- I like to keep my game simple but effective.

I enjoy the time spent with other bowlers. I find that bowling can be a sport that you get the chance to meet people from other walks of life. I’ve been bowling for 33 years, and I’m thankful that my mother and father introduced me to the sport at a young age. They were bowlers in multiple leagues so it seemed that Playaway Lanes was a second home away from home. I learned to keep score, I picked up a ball at the age of 4 and started in leagues at the age of 6.

I’ve had the good fortune to meet many professional bowlers and used their tips to help me fuel my career. From Marshall Holman to Earl Anthony, Parker Bohn III to Chris Barnes, I’ve always enjoyed the fact that you can improve some aspect of your game through the years. It’s physical and mental in the types of activity you have to use. And if you want, you can pass down your knowledge to your teammates and the younger generation to keep the sport thriving.

I know this entry is short. I’ve been active with my family. We have birthdays coming up and I have a vacation on the horizon. I thank you for your continued reading and support of this blog. Keep up the good work in developing your lives. Do not be afraid to ask for help, there’s always someone out there. Be kind to yourself and each other.


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